Wednesday, June 29, 2011

#55 Go one month without buying anything that is not a necessity

Looks like I made it! 

As hard as this challenge was, it was also very eye-opening. You wouldn't believe the little things you spend money on each month that are really unnecessary! Comparing last month to this month, there was over $200 that was just here and there purchases that were not needed. This challenge, I think will continue to be an ongoing one. Not completely cutting everything out (because you still have to have fun right?) but it will definitely cause me to look more at what I am spending. 

So, what kind of things do you purchase on a whim?
Things to ask:

  • Do I want it? (Usually yes)
  • Do I need it? (Usually no)

Evaluate your financial situation and if it is a time to spend.

Speaking of saving: I can add $10 more to by Louboutin savings (#83)! Cha-ching!
#55. Done.

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