My Complete List

Started November 15, 2010. Scheduled to finish June 26, 2013.
Progress: Completed 27 of 101 (26.7%)

2 Achieve my goal weight (In Progress)
3 Complete the 100 push-ups challenge
4 Do a walk for a cause
5 Go apple picking
6 Go camping in the backyard
8 Go on a road trip
10 Go on a cruise
11 Watch the entire Lord of the Rings series in one day
13 Complete my day zero list
14 Go to Las Vegas
15 Make a custom recipe book (In Progress)
16 Put change in someone's expired parking meter
17 Get a facial
18 Make a wish at 11:11 on November 11, 2011
20 Go fishing
23 Go to Disney World
24 Buy a little black dress
25 Go to the strawberry farm and pick my own strawberries
26 Plant a tree on Arbor Day
27 Watch a play
28 Donate blood
29 Make some Fourth of July cupcakes/cake
30 Visit Canada
31 Write a children's book
32 Write a will
33 Write a living will
35 Visit New York
37 Climb a tree and take a photo of the view
38  Go Zip-lining
39 Buy a little red dress
40 Watch a Cirque du Soleil show
41 Watch a movie at a drive-in
42 Buy a piece of original art
43 Ride on a train
44 Buy a new pair of eye glasses
45 Make soap
46 Watch an IMAX movie
48 Eat at 10 new restaurants
49 Learn how to swim
50 Learn to play tennis
51 Monetize my cooking blog
53 Visit a museum
54 Attend a renaissance festival
56 Randomly pay for someone in line behind me
57 Buy a vintage handbag
58 Sell something on Etsy
59 Buy a vintage dress
60 Make a Cosmo chic cocktail
62 Send a message in a bottle
64 Attend a film festival
67 Attend a Murder Mystery
68 Get a mani/pedi
69 Build a gingerbread house
70 Complete 72-hr emergency kits for family and pets
72 Go to a Zumba class
73 Write an ebook for my cooking blog (In progress)
74 Have a mommy and me destination day
75 Go on a safari in Pine Mountain, GA
76 Attend Oktoberfest in Helen, GA
77 Get a hot rock massage
78 Ski in Colorado
79 Read 2 political books
81 Give up sugar for a week
82 Throw a princess-themed party for my daughter
83 Save $10 for every task I complete (In Progress)
84 Try every specialty beverage on the Starbuck's menu 
(In Progress)
85 Complete the 30 Days of Truth
86 Complete the Chalene Extreme
87 Go on a brewery tour
88 Complete a 365 Day Photo Challenge
89 Make a Year in Pictures album (from the photos of #88)
90 Read the Bible from Genesis to Revelations (In Progress)
91 Buy a pair of Christian Louboutin’s and a designer handbag
with savings from #83.
92 Read the top 25 books from USA Today's 2011 bestseller list
93 Watch the top 100 movies from AFI Top 100 movie list (In Progress)
94 Eat Dinner at "The French Laundry" (California)
95 Plant a vegetable garden
96 Complete my cooking list
97 Go to California
98 Answer the '50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind'
99 Write myself an email via
100 Take a picture for every letter of the alphabet
101 Photograph a landscape form the same location, capturing all 4 seasons & frame them together


1 Read 100 books
2 Visit all 7 continents
3 Visit the Grand Canyon
4 Go to Newfoundland
5 Ride a gondola in Venice
6 Kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower
7 Watch turtles enter the sea for the first time
8 Go to Europe
9 Watch the ball drop on New Year's in Times Square
10 Ride in a hot air balloon
11 Have another baby
12 Go whale-watching
13 Eat at a Gordon Ramsay Restaurant
14 Take Reagan to visit parents in BVI