Tuesday, January 4, 2011

#63 Don't Log into Facebook for One Whole Week

Okay. So I did it. I can't say it was easy at first, but it definitely got easier as the week went on. Cutting out Facebook for me required a little more planning on my part since I have a food blog with a Facebook fan page and I also run a mom's group through Facebook as well. I may have cheated a little because I picked the week between Christmas and New Years where I would be able to take a hiatus and not receive a whole lot of flack from it.

As far as needing to know what everyone else was doing (and what they were having for dinner), that need left into about the second day. Facebook is kind of an obsession for a lot of people...I like to call it the Blackberry of the internet. You can get sucked in without a moments notice. Luckily for me, I do not play any games, so I had no farms to tend to, or restaurants to keep in business and I had just "cut the fat" if you will of my friends list. Kept it to the most important people in my life and the people I really care about.

I will say though that the toughest part was the week that I chose. Since it was the holiday week, I missed out on everyone's holiday activities and now if I truly want to know, then I will have to go profile lurking. BUT, it wasn't as bad (or as hard) as I thought it would be, and if it weren't for the groups and pages that I have on FB, I may not have immediately been back. Ha Facebook, I don't really need you after all.

#63. Done.

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