Friday, February 10, 2012

#80 Leave a 100% Tip

I know, I know - way to go out on a limb Miranda and leave a huge 100% tip! Well, I had to start somewhere, and it wasn't going to be on a $50 check. Not now anyways. But I thought this was the perfect time to accomplish this goal. It made me feel good though, because it was just me and my daughter in the middle of the afternoon at On the Border and since I still had to head home to cook dinner, I wasn't going to get anything. I ordered her a kids meal, and the guy was so nice and gave us free chips and salsa to take home. 

I figured since most of the lunch tickets fall in the $20 range, this is the tip you'd get in that price range anyways. So, he was probably not expecting it and I am sure it started off his dinner service right. Paying it forward really does feel good! Maybe next time I'll work up to the $20 100% tip? 

#80. Done. 

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