Tuesday, January 17, 2012

#66 Send 10 Postcards via Postcrossing.com

Doing this challenge really opens me up to a world of different websites that I have never heard of. Last week, I did #99 and wrote a letter to myself. This week, I write about sending postcards to strangers all over the world via postcrossing.com

What's this all about? 

You sign up to send postcards to strangers and also receive cards yourself - although you can request to exchange with the people you send to, it is not required. I have not received all 10 of my cards back yet (to make it fair, you don't get another one sent to you until one that you sent has been registered), but I have sent mine. Initially I said I would send 10 and then I could cross it off of my list, but this is pretty cool! I think I will send more to see who else I will receive cards from. Initially, I had no idea where to even get postcards anymore and I scored some from Etsy - but I recently saw some in one of those shops in the mall. Now that I know where to find some cards, I will definitely be sending more. 

Have you postcrossed?

#66. Done. 

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